One-on-One Consulting

Personalized Consulting Regarding Children with Autism and Special Needs

Peak Potential Therapy provides a range of consulting services, ranging from parent consulting to guide parents in navigating their child’s IEP to conducting assessments of children for educational planning.

All of our services begin with an Intake Session to allow the consultant to learn about the needs of the client, and for the client to learn more about Peak Potential Therapy. Our full range of consulting services is detailed below:


Consulting for Parents

We take a parent-centered approach to remediating the deficits of your child’s Special Need. This approach empowers parents by giving them the knowledge and coaching needed, in order to guide their child to succeed in relationships while addressing: motivation, communication, emotional regulation, rapid attention shifting, self-awareness, executive functioning, and creative problem solving.

Our services include on-site analysis, program design, program troubleshooting, video review, telephone conferences, individualized reports, and hands-on training.


Educational Assessments

We conduct both formal and informal assessments of children, in order to assess present levels of functioning and to prioritize educational needs. We use the following four components to provide data on unique aspects of behavior:

  • Behavior is examined; i.e. sensory perception and emotional regulation
  • Sample vocalizations or verbal behavior.
  • Interaction/Communication: means and functions
  • Communication: speech, language, or other communication system

When combined, these results provide a profile of abilities in verbal behavior, social interaction, education level, and learning characteristics.


Educational Advocacy for Parents and Families

We help families navigate the school system by working closely with them and school professionals to ensure the child’s educational needs are met. We help parents prepare for IEP meetings, analyze IEPs, complete evaluations, assist with placements, and help problem solve difficult situations. School observations are frequently a related service of a home program, but these services can be offered to families who do not currently have a home program.


Expert Witness Services

Peak Potential Therapy is a premier source for experts in the realm of child with disabilities, primarily autism. We assist attorneys by providing expert witness services for plaintiff and defendants in both civil and criminal cases. Our professionals can make case reviews, complete evaluations, identify future treatment needs, and provide expert witness testimony.


Consulting Fees

Cost (up to 3-hours)
Monthly Retainer (Non-Refundable)
Parental Consulting
Education Planning
Education Advocay
Expert Witness

Please see our policies page for more information.


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