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"Share in the wealth … by informing the world!"

           From the Desk of Holly Reimann ...

Dear Friend,

We help children with disabilities and their families observe their way of thinking and to modify their thoughts, habits, and actions with regard to communication. The reason we start with communication is that communication is one of the biggest areas of need in most family's lives.

But there's a bigger picture to consider. You see, once people start recognizing their non-supportive ways around communication, this awareness will transfer into every other part of their life. Therefore the goal of being a STAR is to assist in raising people's consciousness. Consciousness is simply observing your thoughts and actions, so that you can be the best you can be in each moment, and fulfill your destiny.

Our world is nothing more than a reflection of the people who make it up. As each individual raises his or her consciousness, the world raises its consciousness - moving from fear to courage, from hatred to love, and from isolation to interaction for all.

I therefore ask you to share this message of consciousness and advocacy with others by getting the message of Autism out to as many people as possible. Commit to telling at least one hundred of your friends, family, and associates about therapeutic services this practice provides. Not only will they be introduced to powerful therapy methods, they will learn to observe the way they think, raise their consciousness, and in turn raise the consciousness of the planet about Autism Awareness.

My dream is that with one newsletter, one session, one child at a time, we can change the world for the better. I ask for your support in making this dream a reality.

Thank you,

Become a STAR!

If Peak Potential Therapy's Mission Statement resonates with you, we invite you to join our team of positive and enthusiastic STARs!

Share your Experience … Earn Cash in Return! Peak Potential Therapy is one of the fastest growing therapy service provider in Northeast Ohio. Much of our growth is due to the efforts and dedication of our STARs spreading the word to friends, colleagues, and other families.

Our STARs recognized the life-changing impact our services have on children and they can't help but share their experience with everyone they know. And because of the "law of reciprocation" STARs get rewarded mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially in return.

The Benefits

Join our growing STAR Team today to enjoy these benefits:

  • Potential to earning extra cash!
  • Get paid to help transform childrens' and families' lives
  • Be an integral part of our STAR Team
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Receive exciting prizes, competitions and MUCH MORE!

How Does the STAR Program Work?

As a STAR, the ultimate aim is for your referrals to start services, so they can share in the same life changing experience your family did. The STAR Program makes this easy by providing a variety of options you can tailor to the needs of your contacts.

You might choose to gift the first service session to friends or family. Alternatively, you might wish to provide a referral. Or encourage them to visit themselves. For a limited time, each family referred will receive a FREE intake session, a $63 value.

As you know, your referrals will love our services. If they choose to have other services with Peak Potential Therapy, you will earn a portion of the service!

The STAR Program - Step by Step

  1. Register Now to become a STAR and receive your STAR ID #

  2. Encourage families to become clients of Peak Potential Therapy:
    • Be sure to communicate your STAR ID # to everyone
    • Your referral schedules their FREE intake session and starts to transform their lives forever.

  3. Your referral signs up for therapy services with Peak Potential Therapy and begin their journey towards a life of happiness!

  4. You receive a cash bonus!

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