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Peak Potential Therapy Uses Research and Experience as the Base of Our Treatment.

The developmental and holistic theories are critical in treating children with autism and other disabilities. It is important to utilize a knowledge base of a variety of theories and models to provide a customized treatment for every child, which include but not limited to SCERTS Model (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Supports), Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Physical Crisis Intervention, Picture Exchange Communication System, behavioral intervention, and total communication.

Every child is unique and requires an approach that addresses his or her learning style and needs.

Autism Education

Peak Potential Therapy is based on both research and years of experience in treating children with disabilities, such as autism. We do not believe that any one particular program will meet the needs of all children. Rather, when our therapists observe and interact with a child, he/she will show what he/she needs in order to learn. Our organization supports early, intensive, and consistent therapy for children, especially those on the autism spectrum because research clearly supports improved outcomes with early and intensive services. Parents are encouraged and supported to be active participants throughout the therapeutic process.

Peak Potential Therapy also provides training during therapy to parents, in order that they learn how to use effective therapeutic supports anywhere they are. Through this method the child is supported by the parents and the therapist in the same therapeutic manner, so the child can learn to communicate and emotionally regulate him/herself independently. These skills are regarded as foundations to the development of academic and social skills.

Intervention Strategies

All intervention strategies are based on scientific research-supported techniques.
Incidental Teaching Responsive Teaching Visual supports for instruction and communication Errorless Learning Verbal Behavior Gestalt Cycle of Experience TEACCH SCERTS

Theoretical Models & Frames of Reference:

Developmental Theory
Holistic Theory
SCERTS® Model (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Supports)
Gestalt Cycle of Experience Theory
Information Processing Sensory Integration Theory
Metacognitive Theory
Positive Behavioral Supports
Social Pragmatic Theory
Theories of the Explosive Child by Ross Greene Ph,D.

Developmental Theory

The developmental theory of L.S. Vygotsky and J. Piaget are ones that are particularly well suited to clinical application, and is closely tied to the theory of cognitive development. Vygotsky believed social interaction is essential for development. The theory is thus especially relevant to language intervention, in which the therapist strategically utilizes interaction to influence children's development and social skills. Furthermore, Piaget's particular insight was that maturation (simply growing up) increases children's capacity to understand their world. They cannot perform certain tasks until they are psychologically mature enough. Children follow a developmental sequence.

Holistic Theory

This theory explains that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole. It is important to look at the whole child during speech-language therapy, not just their oral motor structures. At Peak Potential Therapy we do not just listen to what the child is saying, but, for example, look at what position the child is sitting, how the child is breathing, and continually assessing if the parts are working together.
These two theories are critical in treating children with disabilities like autism. However, it is important to utilize an extensive knowledge base of a variety of theories and models that can be readily utilized to support the child's needs at any given time, which leads to customized treatment for every child.

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