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SMILE Summer Camp - Therapeutic Day Camp

     Peak Potential Therapy Monthly Newsletter

  February, 2011

From the Desk of Holly Reimann ...

Dear Reader,

I constantly think of what is next, but I often need to remind myself to be thankful for all the things in my life. And as I am reflecting, I remember the good times, sad moments, and funny stories. I often need to continuously encourage myself to be thankful for what I have experienced and what I have now. This is applicable for every aspect of my life, from growing up as the oldest of four siblings, to the present, that we are thankful for our new pup, Ivy, a therapy dog in training!

I am talking about gratitude. In difficult times, we often lose sight of our priorities, and sometimes need to re-evaluate what is important. Often we get caught up worrying or focusing on little things that really are not important to us. Thinking about what we are grateful for allows us to refocus and recenter ourselves on what is important to us.

I strongly encourage everyone to develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything in life, with respect to children, relationships, career aspirations, and really every aspect of life.

Inspired by the movie Pay It Forward last year we started the cashback rewards program, and I've decided to continue to offer the Pay It Forward Promotion again this year. In this spirit, Peak Potential Therapy is offering every client the opportunity to grow a Pay It Forward Account with services they are already receiving, in order to make it easier for the kids to attend SMILE Summer Camp. We are grateful for our clients and the Pay It Forward Promotion is a small way to say "thank you" and give back to the commuity too.

Best wishes,
Holly Reimann, MA CCC-SLP
Speech-language Pathologist

3 Ways to Introduce Sensory Integration Activities in the Classroom

by Brenna Leah Cashman

Reviewed by Nicole Cellura, PPT Staff

As a future early childhood educator - I will be graduating with my early childhood degree in May - I am highly interested in better understanding how to integrate sensory activities into my classroom to benefit students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs involving difficulty with sensory integration. In my research on this topic, I discovered an article titled 3 Ways to Introduce Sensory Integration Activities in the Classroom by Brenna Leah Cashman from, and found it very interesting and informative. For that reason, I wanted to share what I learned from this article. Whether you are also someone who works with students with special needs within a classroom setting or a parent of a child with sensory integration disorder, this article offers many suggestions in helping every child learn and be successful in the classroom.

In this article, Cashman first addresses that many students have difficulty sitting still, and being forced to do so can severely impair their classroom function and ability to learn. Therefore, she suggests several strategies such as an inflated seat cushion on the child's seat to provide some mode for movement to help improve their ability to remain seated and involved for longer periods of time. In addition, she suggests sending students with such needs on errands or provides students with time to stand up and stretch at multiple points in time throughout the day. A final suggestion to address this particular problem is to provide toys such as stress balls and similar, minimally distracting fidget toys for students to hold during instructional times. Cashman also addresses the issue of schoolwork and sensory integration and makes suggestions such as providing students with

difficulty understanding or remember directions with visual and/or written instructions in addition to oral instructions in order to help them be more successful. A final issue that she addresses in this article is student participation. She suggests that teachers provide opportunities for physical activity within lessons in order to channel students' energy and interests and keep them involved. She also suggests limiting distractions in the classroom and students' work areas, including seating students near the teacher in a space with less visual stimulation, and also making sure that well-designed visual supports are used in all content areas. I recommend that both parents and educators of students with special needs, and in particular those involving sensory integration disorder, read this article in order to help address common classroom problems and help all students be successful in the learning environment.

Continue to ... read the complete article.

It's Time to PLAN AHEAD for Summer

March is when organizations and families start registration for summer camps - even though there is snow on the ground! Our Parent Lending Library is stocked with the "2011 Summer & Beyond Directory by SST#3" where you can find every camp and service provider in northeast Ohio.

For details about our 3 different camps, visit:

SMILE Summer Camp  or  Camp ABC  or  Camp Suntastic

2011 SMILE Summer Camp - A Therapeutic Day Camp for Kids with Disabilities

Create "WH" Question Books for Students

Reviewed by Jennifer Scarbrough, MA CCC-SLP & PPT Staff

Source: Advance for Speech Language Pathologists & Audiologists
             Edition: July 13, 2009 Vol. 19, No. 21

It is common for some children with autism or language impairments to have difficulty with learning to read. They may be more interested in looking at the pictures than focusing on the words and the meaning they provide. As a result, speech language pathologists are encouraging teachers and parents to write their own stories! Here are a few helpful hints on writing meaningful stories and the benefits that the activities can have.

Writing a Personal Story!

Make it meaningful to your child!

  • The topics of your stories might include things that they like to do such as going to the library or visit family. You can include specific names, locations, and activities that are familiar and fun. Personal pictures are always good to add too J
  • The topics could also address situations that are difficult or confusing for the child such as going to the dentist, losing in a game, or packing up belongings at the end of the day. You can use specific situations that you observe at home/community or your school may communicate with you. These are commonly known as "social stories".
  • If your child has weekly spelling or vocabulary words, include them and take advantage of the "pre-teaching moment".
  • Keep the language positive!
  • Have the child help you write the story!

Activities and Benefits

  • Asking/Answering "wh" questions. Depending on the age and language development of your child, you could ask them a variety of "wh" questions. For example, "Who do you go to the library with?" or "Why do you go to the dentist?". Encourage your child to ask you questions too! If your child needs choices, provide them with 2 or 3 options to pick from. You can also ask "yes/no" questions for simple responses. For example, "Why do you go to the grocery store?"
    • To take a nap.
    • To buy food.

  • Problem Solving Skills
    • If your story is addressing a situation that may be difficult for your child, provide them with possible problems they might encounter. Again, if your child needs choices, give them options! For example, "What do you do if you forgot your lunch money?"
      • Ask your teacher to call your parents.
      • Not eat anything for lunch.

  • Sentence Formulation Skills
    • After your child read the words on the page, ask them to make up their own sentence! This can address word order, include curriculum-based vocabulary words, pronouns, descriptions, verb tenses, etc.

Parent Support Group with Respite

     & NOW with ...

for brothers & sisters
of disabled children and adults

Sunday, March 13 @ 3:00-5:00 pm

Siblings of Special Needs Children Support Group

Peak Potential Therapy is constantly looking for ways to provide more and better support and services to families who have a child affected by a disability. We've been listening to families and noticed the lack of support services available for siblings of children with a disability. Siblings have specific needs that require attention at different stages of their lives, including relief of isolation, information, and strategies for coping with the situations they find themselves in. Our aim is to provide siblings with information and support. Our long term vision is to have a dedicated sibling service, providing sibling groups and one-to-one support for children who are siblings.

Starting Sunday, March 13th, we will be hosting our first ever SIBs Support Group in addition with our regular Parent Support Group with childcare (respite) at our therapy center in Twinsburg. Through this arrangement, parents will be able to attend a meeting and have peace of mind that their child is happy in a safe environment. This group is meant to give parents a small break from their daily routines, to get out, to ask questions, to learn about new treatments and research, and to connect with other parents.

Please RSVP for SIBs & if you need Respite Care.

Click for more information: Parents Support Group

Camp Always Be Communicating
for 3 & 4 Year Olds

Camp A.B.C. is a social developmental play skills group with a fusion of social development ideologies and therapeutic approaches with play based activities, which help children develop better social relationships.

This mini-camp is specifically designed
for children, ages 3 to 4, who need
extra help developing:

  • peer relationships
  • playing
  • communicating socially

Preschool Speech Language Therapy Day Camp for Kids ages 3 & 4

You may find that your child is in this transition to preschool, and may or may not be eligibel for ESY.

This camp is by hosted at our therapy center, with weekly sessions.

Tuesday - Thursday
10:30pm - 12:30pm

The camp ratio is limited to only three children to one speech therapist.

For more details visit Camp ABC.

We are Growing!

We are excited to announce the expansion of our therapy center in Twinsburg, Ohio.

On January 1, 2011 we began providing support services in our new Parent's Resources room.

Our therapy center is growing to provide more support services for families.

We spent countless hours designing this beautiful new space that offers our client's the latest in technology, comfort and design. The space completes the facility and allows us to continue in our mission to provide excellent therapeutic serives for kids with disabilities, while allowing parents to wait in the comfort of the new space.

                                                         Stop by & Check it out!

Featured Event: May 1, 2011

Rock 'Til It Stops will be an evening of food, music and fun as the Cleveland community joins together to raise awareness about autism and funds to support Autism Speaks’ local and national research, education and outreach initiatives. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to fund projects in the local communities. The concert is one of many activities Autism Speaks is hosting to bring awareness to Autism.

Autism Speaks' 2011 Rock 'Til It Stops

Get up . . . Get out . . . start Rockin' for a cause and raise money for autism.

You can make a difference!             HURRY GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!
Registration now - Go to or call (440) 449-9922.


Peak Potential Therapy is steping up to the
plate once again to do something for our clients while
we are all enduring this economic downturn
by Paying it Forward.

You may be asking; what's this all about?

As a special "thank you" to all clients, we
took 10% of any paid service and credit it toward the family's child's tuition for SMILE Summer Camp from March through June.*

Asperger's Syndrome No cost to you!
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) You're automatically enrolled!
Autism Spectrum Disorder Start earning immediately!
Therapeutic Day Camp Pay It Forward Promotion

Although, this promotion gives you credit on services you're already receiving, the more services your child receives, the more your credit towards SMILE Summer Camp!

Just imagine how much your that is!!!

How the promotion works!

ANY service
ANY amount!
Pay It Forward Account
$$ amount x .10
Speech-Language Therapy
ABA Therapy
Social Skills Group
$20.20 earned

This promotion is all about demonstrating to others that no matter the scale of thoughtfulness or its monetary value, every little gesture of kindness adds up!

Click here to learn more about how you can earn & save towards our autism camps.


here is where YOU come in —
by not keeping this amazing opportunity all to yourself,

but by ...  

"Paying it Forward" to a friend.

* Valid only for paid services received during the promotional period, March 1 through May 31, 2010. Valid only for services received directly from Peak Potential Therapy, not via our local or national busienss affiliates. The Pay It Forward account credit is only valid towards the tuition payment of SMILE Summer Camp. Cannot be applied retroactively. If your child is unable to attend SMILE Summer Camp, your Pay It Forward account credit will be truely paid forward and applied towards another child's summer camp tuition.

Save the Dates: FREE & Local Events

5   $7  8am-1pm Pancake Breakfast w/ Hudson PTO
5   $5  6:30-9:30pm Fun Fest, a family event for kids w/ disabilities @ Solon Community Center
8   Free  6:30-8:30pm Zane's Foundation Parent Support Group - Holly Reimann, MA CCC-SLP presenting
13   Free  3-5pm Parent Support Group of Parents w/ Special Needs Children and Respite Care
14         Last Day for Early Registration to Save $100 OFF S.M.I.L.E. Summer Camp
15   Free  6:30-8:30pm Meet & greet with Aspies of Greater Akron
16   Free  4:30-6:30pm Summer Camp Fair, camp information event for parents - Jackson Schools

9   $150  6pm-Midnight Up Side of Downs Reverse Raffle Fundraiser - Mentor, OH
10   Free  3-5pm Parent Support Group of Parents w/ Special Needs Children and Respite Care
14      6:00pm Casino Night to support Zane's Foundation Scholarships for Parents
16      9am-1pm Children's Fair Family Event, Hudson
30   Free  1-4pm Arts for All, a family event for kids with disabilities - Twinsburg Community Center
30         Up Side of Downs Family Funding Scholarship Application Due

14      5:30am Join the RiteAid Cleveland 5K for OAR (Organization for Autism Research)

Have Questions about any of the above events? Please contact us.

Featured Event: May 14, 2011

Everybody knows that Cleveland Rocks! Why not start another tradition! RUN FOR AUTISM - Cleveland style. You and your friends are invited to SIGN UP NOW before it's too late for the 5K charity race scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 14. It's not a race ... It's about going the distance.

OAR's Run for Autism Cleveland Ohio

So, Get up . . . Get out . . . walk, run or jog for a cause and raise money for autism research.

You can make a difference!             HURRY SIGN UP NOW!
Registration closes May 1st - Go to or call 1-866-366-9710.

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