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We pride ourselves in providing the best services to our community, and it shows. Our work has made a difference in many ways and a few testimonials here provide but a glimpse into the positive results of our team.

This year, we have had the privilege of working with Holly Reimann, through Peak Potential Therapy. It was so nice that she has been able to come into our home, a relaxed atmosphere for our son, Drew. I could tell on her first visit that she understood children very well and had much experience with them. She allowed Drew just the right amount of time to respond to her questions, and she commented appropriately concerning his speech and actions. She also cared about his personal needs and aspirations. Holly is an excellent communicator, and she's prompt, which is important to families with young children.

We've been so please with Holly and her efforts to help Drew, that I asked her if she could hop in a suitcase and move to Texas with us! I've worked with a number of different speech therapists, and I'm so pleased with Holly...much more than any of the others we've ever tried. Holly has enough energy to keep up with my little boy and any others she has throughout the day! She always carefully makes a plan for each session, and when she came to our home, she included Drew in the planning and reviewing each time. This helped him think about what he'd like to do and how it was implemented. Holly was always wanting to included items that interested Drew, and this helped him stay engaged.

If our family relocates back to Ohio, I hope we can be close enough to use Peak Potential Therapy's services again. I know my son was in good hands with Holly. I'm thrilled that she is so successful and that she's helping so many children!

Christie Funderburk          

SMILE Summer Camp™

Hi Holly - I wanted to give you a "progress" report from what I just saw! I wanted to jump all over her and hug her and kiss her, but, I just listened from the kitchen. Ashley played "pretend" birthday party with her ponies. She made me so proud!

At first she was being her usual home body self just wandering around doing nothing, and I asked her if I could get a toy for her. Without missing a beat, she said that she wanted her dollhouse and her ponies. I brought the house down and I told her she could help by bringing the ponies. I set the house down and left. She brushed all of their hair and "decorated" for the party. She found a gift for every pony to give to the birthday pony. There was a baby pony and she had all of the big ones ogle over the baby. There was SO much pretend play and language, She played on her own for 20 minutes. I couldn't wait to e-mail you. This is a first time EVER experience. I am so thrilled with the work that you and Bethany have put into my kids. They love seeing you guys!

Thanks again for giving her the tools to do this!                 
Jodi Buchanan                                                                                                        

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