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Peak Potential Therapy Provides a Variety of Effective Therapies.


Twinsburg-based Peak Potential Therapy is a therapist-owned company that was establised as Holly Reimann, MA CCC-SLP worked as a Qualified Mental Retardation Professional and later as a Therapeutic Support Staff in Indiana and Pennsylvania, she listened as families of clients often expressed frustration that they had few alternatives other than to drive their children to each specialists' facility. Good therapists are hard to find and may require families to either drive long distances or make sacrifices in the quality of care for their children.

Before long, Peak Potential Therapy was established to provide a full spectrum of top quality therapy services to children in the convenience of their own homes, daycares, or private schools throughout Greater Cleveland / Akron Ohio.

Children with disorders including, but not limited to, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down syndrome, Genetic Disorders, Developmental Delays, Spina Bifida, Apraxia, and Sensory Integration Disorders are all welcomed into the Peak Potential Therapy family.

The Peak Potential Therapy Journey

Our Commitment to You

Simply put, every client will receive the absolute best in pediatric therapy services. The most up-to-date treatment strategies are integrated with a family-centered approach. In addition, you can expect open communication with everyone on the treatment team.

Family involvement and education as well as a holistic approach to treatment are paramount at Peak Potential Therapy. Your child's family life, home and school environments, self esteem and emotional development will all be considered as part of determining the most effective treatment.

Getting Started

In the summer of 2007, Holly resigned from her position and started "Holly Reimann, MA CCC-SLP," which provided families with speech-language services to clients in their homes in the Twinsburg, OH area. Going into its second year, the organization that Holly established has serviced many clients and established an excellent reputation in the area.

The Birth of Peak Potential Therapy

In 2008, Holly founded Peak Potential Therapy as a network of in-home therapeutic services provider. In just 3 years, her goal has been realized to provide the best quality care in the clients' home, school, community or at our therapy center.

Cleveland Autism treatments


The owner of Peak Potential Therapy has always held the philosophy that Peak Potential Therapy is in business to provide the best care possible to children with disabilities while giving total respect to its staff. She believes that all therapists should have the very best in training and support so that clients will receive top quality treatment wherever the need exist.>

        Your benefits of being a client at Peak Potential Therapy

    1st pick at any of our Camps
    Friday fun night
    In-home respite care services
    Recipient of Pay-It-Forward Scholarship for Smile Summer Camp
    Invitation to Annual Client Appreciation party
    Free collaboration with school and other providers

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